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Series 4
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  • 1975-2013, undated (Creation)


  • Scope and Contents

    This series is arrranged into six sub-series.

    The first five sub-series consist of audio recordings of oral history interviews that have been digitized: sub-series 1: Nahum Goldmann and Stanley Karnow Interviews; sub-series 2: Nahum Goldmann and Inge Hoffmann Interviews; sub-series 3: Nahum Goldmann and Leon Abranowicz Interviews; sub-series 4: Moshe Rivlin Oral History; and sub-series 5: Guido Goldman Oral History. The recordings in sub-series 3 are in French. The recordings in sub-series 4 and 5 are about Nahum Goldmann, rather than by him. Moshe Rivlin first got to know Goldmann in the early 1950s, when he served as the Consul of Israel in New York, and their relationship spanned multiple decades. Guido Goldman is Nahum Goldmann's son. All items listed in sub-series 1-5 are digital files (originals are not available for research use).

    Sub-series 6: Transcripts and Related Materials is mostly made up of transcripts, which exist for only some of the audio recordings in this series, mainly those in sub-series 2. It also contains some correspondence and other documents related to sub-series 4 and other oral history projects.