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Series 5
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  • 1945-1997, undated (Creation)


  • Scope and Contents

    Arrangement: Organized under seven subseries

    A wide range of unpublished manuscripts, in original typewritten and handwritten formats, written often for publication but were sometimes also written for personal consumption. The series has seven subseries: book reviews; handwritten manuscripts; lecture notes; notes on literary figures; Pieces Out of a Man's Life (autobiographical); poems; prose manuscripts. Each category (except for the autobiographical and lecture notes sections) is then organized alphabetically, by the last name of the literary figure who is either the subject of the particular folder or the author of the book reviewed; or by the title of the manuscript. Manuscripts that deal with a similar topic are grouped together, for example, all essays pertaining to Emily Dickinson are placed next to one another. Lecture notes are organized chronologically. The autobiographical section, which is organized similar to items in the book-related series, contains various typewritten manuscripts (loosely grouped as chapters) pertaining to different points in Hindus' life. Some of these 'chapters' have been compiled into book form, titled Pieces Out of a Man's Life, and intended for publication. While this book length work has not been published in its entirety, three of its chapters have been included in Hindus' published book of essays, Essays Personal and Impersonal.