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Series 4
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  • [1894-1906, est.] (Creation)


  • Scope and Contents

    These rare photos, each of which captures scenes and figures involved in the Dreyfus Affair, were produced in prominent French studios at the turn of the twentieth century. The photos, which are in excellent condition, consist mainly of portraits of generals, magistrates, lawyers, statesmen, functionaries, and writers who played a role in the Affair. This series includes ninety-one 4x6 black-and-white photographs. Seventy-eight of these photos are identified in the Lipschutz guide (pp 46-49). Twelve of the remaining thirteen have been identified by our researchers and have been incorporated into Mr. Lipschutz's seven categories; these categories are numbered as follows (photo 91 remains unidentified):

    NB - Each folder within this series contains one photo. All descriptions are from the Lipschutz guide.

    1. Conviction and Deportation to Rennes (photos 1-9) 2. Two Women (photos 10-11); 3. The Lawyers (photos 12-18); 4. The Generals (photos 19-42); 5. Field Officers (photos 43-56); 6. The Magistrates (photos 57-64); 7. Statesmen, Functionaries, Writers (photos 65-90).