Pandemic Journals Edit


Level of Description


  • 2020 (Creation)


  • Biographical / Historical

    Students in Sara Shostak’s Fall 2020 Sociology of Body and Health class (SOC83A) were asked by Professor Shostak to create journal entries in response to six prompts on the subject of their experiences during the pandemic. This writing project ran for seven weeks at the beginning of the semester. The journals were, by design, not meant to be turned in to the instructor, and they were not graded. Students analyzed their journals as part of a paper assignment in the class. Students were subsequently invited to submit their journals digitally, in whole or in part, to Robert D. Farber University Archives and Special Collections for preservation and future research use.

    1. All journals shared through the archiving project are anonymous to protect the privacy of the writers. 2. All journals accepted by the archives were accompanied by signed release forms from each student which obtained their permission to archive and share the material. 3. The copyright of each work remains with the authors. 4. Each journal is accompanied by demographic and contextual data in the form of answers to a questionnaire. The questionnaire was created jointly by the students, the faculty member, and the archivist.