Yglesias, Luis E. Edit


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  • 1936-01-19 – 2014-05-08 (Existence)

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  • Yglesias, Luis E.

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  • Biography/Historical Note

    Luis Ellicott Yglesias (b.01/19/1936 d.05/18/2014) was professor of Spanish and comparative literature at Brandeis University for 42 years. He was born on Jan. 19, 1936, in Ann Arbor, Mich., sone of the son of the late Luis Joaquin Iglesias and Marian (Fullmer) Iglesias. Yglesias grew up in Havana, Cuba, until he went to the United States for boarding school at age 12. He was a 1954 graduate of the Asheville School in Asheville, NC. He earned a BA (’58) and a Ph.D. (’68) in romance and comparative literature from Harvard University.In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s Yglesias co-directed Brandeis University Seminars with close friend and colleague, Karen Klein. In 1990 they received a significant grant from the Ford Foundation for Faculty Development Seminars in African Literature in order to integrate African texts into the study of the humanities at Brandeis. During the late 1990s, Yglesias, Klein, and Maurice Stein, also a dear friend, founded Brandeis’ humanities interdisciplinary program (HIP).