Wolff, Günther , 1901-1944 Edit


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  • 1901-01-04 – 1944-09-01 (Existence)

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  • Wolff, Günther , 1901-1944

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    Günther Wolff was born January 1, 1901 in Gansgrün in Vogtland. Wolff was a publisher and got involved with the German National Youth Association in 1919. After graduating high school, Wolff founded small publications. Then in 1925, he took over a mail order company located in Plauen. In the fall of 1932, Wolff met Eberhard Koebel "tusk" - the founder of the dj.1.11/ He went missing in Septemer 1944 near Tallinn. Wolff made it possible for Koebel to publish the youth magazine Der Eisbrecher in his publishing house. Koebel had to discontinue his previous periodical Das Lagerfeuer due to lack of demand after he had announced his accession to the Communist Party of Germany in spring 1932 . But that didn't stop Wolff from working together; However, he pointed to the seizure of power of the Nazis pointed out that Koebel's communist engagement was not beneficial under the new circumstances. In the spring of 1933 Koebel broke away from the KPD and even offered the Reich Youth Leadership , under certain conditions, to transfer his groups to the "young people" of the Hitler Youth . This was rejected, and at the end of the year Koebel was targeted by the Reich Youth Leadership, which accused him of decomposing the Hitler Youth and had him arrested in January 1934. After Koebel's arrest and release, who sustained serious injuries while attempting suicide, he fled to England via Sweden. He officially had to cease working for Günther Wolff, but the publisher kept in touch and published Koebel's articles under a pseudonym. On June 30, 1934, the day of the so-called Röhm Putsch, Wolff was taken to the police station, but released in the morning because of an arbitrary act. He was arrested several more times. the harassment against his companies dragged on until 1938, when his publishing house was closed because of the continued orientation towards the Bundestag. Wolff was senteced to 15 months in prison. 1940, Günther Wolff was drafted into the Wehrmacht as a medical soldier, and since September 1944 he has been missing near Tallinn.