Ramsey, Frederic, 1915-1995 (Jr.) Edit


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  • 1915-01-29 – 1995-03-18 (Existence)

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  • Ramsey, Frederic, 1915-1995 (Jr.)
  • Ramsey, Charles Frederic, 1915-1995

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  • Biography/Historical Note

    Frederic Ramsey Jr. was an American writer on jazz, record producer, and folklorist. He coedited one of the first scholarly books on jazz with Charles Edward Smith, Jazzmen: the Story of Hot Jazz Told in the Lives of the Men who Created It (New York, 1939). Supported in part by Guggenheim Fellowships (1953, 1955), Ramsey conducted extensive fieldwork throughout the American South, photographing African American life and recording interviews and music. The results of his travels are detailed in his books Been Here and Gone (New Brunswick, NJ, 1960) and Where the Music Started (New Brunswick, NJ, 1970). Many of his field recordings were released by Folkways Records as Music of the South (1954). He produced a historical anthology of recordings for Folkways titled Jazz (1950–53).

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