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  • O'Connor, Thomas
  • O'Connor, Tom

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    Outside his interest in the Sacco-Vanzetti case, little is known of the details of the life of Thomas F. O'Connor. Born in 1887, he lived and worked as a journalist, author and businessman in Massachusetts and New York. While working as a reporter attached to the Massachusetts State House (1920 - 1930), O'Connor first became involved in the case of Sacco and Vanzetti, participating in the campaigns for their innocence waged by the Citizens National Committee for Sacco and Vanzetti based in Boston and the National League for Sacco and Vanzetti which operated out of New York. O'Connor continued his efforts to keep the memory of the pair alive for the rest of his life. To this end, he published several articles on the case and assisted with the 1959 effort lead by Arthur Schlesinger, Sr., and Michael Musmanno to obtain an official pardon for the accused from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. O'Connor also served as the secretary for the Vindication Committee of Sacco and Vanzetti based in Newton, MA. In addition to his efforts regarding the history of the Sacco-Vanzetti case, O'Connor wrote on a number of subjects. With Thomas H. Spence and Virgil Peterson, O'Connor authored Church Archives and History (1946) and edited The Bleachery District of Waltham, Past and Present: a Souvenir (1957). He also assisted with the publication of other authors' work, including Eugene Lyons and Upton Sinclair, most notably with the latter's novel, Boston. Thomas O'Connor died in the late 1960s.