DePasquale, Lewis ("Count") Edit


Agent Type


  • 1930 – 2001 (Existence)

Name Forms

  • DePasquale, Lewis ("Count")

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  • Biography/Historical Note

    “Count” Lewis DePasquale (1930-2001) was one of Bruce’s intimates, widely known as the “Count.” Born in Trenton, New Jersey, DePasquale served as a cryptographer and musician in the special services during the Korean War. He was a jazz keyboardist and played the organ for such performers as Ella Fitzgerald and Harry Belafonte. In January 1960, he was introduced to Lenny Bruce in Miami, Florida. Bruce immediately liked DePasquale and asked him to come open for him at the El Patio Club across town. Over the next six years, the Count played, worked, and wrote movies with Bruce. When DePasquale died in 2001, he was in the process of writing a memoir of his experiences with Bruce.