McCrahon, Edward H. Edit


Agent Type


  • 1891-03-11 – 1967-05-02 (Existence)

Name Forms

  • McCrahon, Edward H.


  • Biography/Historical Note

    Born in Brooklyn, N.Y. on March 11, 1891, Colonel Edward H. McCrahon was the son of Alexander McCrahon, a New York civic figure who helped dedicate the Statue of Liberty. McCrahon was a volunteer ambulance driver in France before the United States entered World War I. When the U.S. became involved, McCrahon enlisted in the army and rose to the rank of Colonel. It was during his time in the French army that McCrahon became interested in war posters and by the 1930s he had assembled an extensive collection. Sources: "Hotel Official And Soldier Dies at 76" The Washington Post, Times Herald, May 5, 1967. Guernsey’s Auction. The Astounding Col. McCrahon WWI poster Collection Coming to Unreserved Auction. New York: Guernsey’s Auction, 2015.