Koebel, Eberhard, 1907-1955 Edit


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  • 1907-06-22 – 1955-08-13 (Existence)

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  • Koebel, Eberhard, 1907-1955

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    Eberhard Koebel was a German youth leader, writer, and publisher. In 1926 Koebel joined the Deutsche Freischar, a fusion of Wandervogel and Scout organizations; a year later, he advocated the formation of a unified German youth association for boys. On November 1, 1929 Koebel established the dj 1.11. On January 18, 1934, about a year after Hitler's seizure of power, Koebel was arrested for trying to infiltrate the Hitler Youth. He fled Germany going to Sweden then settling in London. He returned to Berlin in 1948 and remained there until his death in 1955.