Strafanstalt Plötzensee Edit


Agent Type
Corporate Entity


  • 1879 (Existence)

Name Forms

  • Strafanstalt Plötzensee
  • Plötzensee (Prison : Berlin, Germany)

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  • Biography/Historical Note

    The prison was founded by resolution of the Prussian government under King William I and built until 1879 on the estates of the Plötzensee manor, named after nearby Plötzensee Lake. The original name of what is today Haus 1 was Strafgefängnis Plötzensee, which also translates to Plötzensee Prison. Up to 1,400 inmates lived on premises of 25.7 ha (64 acres) including a church and a Jewish prayer area, then the largest prison of the German Empire. After World War II, the buildings demolished by the bombing of Berlin were rebuilt and housed a youth detention center (Jugendstrafanstalt Berlin) for offenders between the ages of 14 and 21.