Deutsche Technische Hochschule (Prague, Czech Republic) Edit


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Corporate Entity


  • 1806 – 1945 (Existence)

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  • Deutsche Technische Hochschule (Prague, Czech Republic)

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  • Biography/Historical Note

    The German Technical University of Prague (DTH) was a higher education institution founded in 1806 with roots going back to 1717. Apart from ten years of bilingual training, the language of instruction was German. The roots of the DTH in Prague go back to the application submitted by Christian Joseph Willenberg to the Bohemian Court Chancellery in Prague in 1705 for the establishment of a course for young men of all classes on fortress construction. After the collapse of the Danube monarchy in 1918, the economic situation worsened, but also the political pressure from the now Czech authorities on the DTH and the German minority increased. In 1930 the "Association of Friends of the German Technical University in Prague" was founded with the aim of alleviating the economic hardship. The political repressions were always fought off, but, as a contemporary complained, they tied up forces that could not be put into training and research. A debate about relocating the Prague universities to the German settlement areas of Bohemia came with the breakup of Czechoslovakia in 1938 and the establishment of the " Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia ".' reappeared, but had no practical consequences. After the closure of the Czech universities, the premises of the Czech Technical University (TTH) were also used, although under the conditions of the war only reduced operation was possible anyway. Teaching ended completely on May 5, 1945; on October 18, 1945, the DTH was closed by decree retrospectively to November 17, 1939, the day the Czech universities were closed by the National Socialist authoritues.