Jackson, Gardner, 1896-1965 Edit


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  • 1896-09-10 – 1965-04 (Existence)

Name Forms

  • Jackson, Gardner, 1896-1965
  • Jackson, Pat

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  • Biography/Historical Note

    Gardner "Pat" Jackson was born in Colorado Springs in 1896 to the son a wealthy railroad offical. After attending Amherst College, where he studied investment banking, he entered the army in 1918. He spent two years in the army before joining the Boston Globe as a reporter. While working as a reporter, his wife Dorothy urged him to look into the trial of Sacco-Vanzetti that was taking place in Deedham, MA. Jackson believed they were on trial for their beliefs rather than the crime. By 1926, he left the Globe to become the Secretary of the Sacc-Vanzetti Defense Committee. Even after their execution, Jackson still advocated for justice for them. He was also involved with several labor movements and unions. By 1930, he moved to Washington state to take a position as a reporter for Canadian newspapers - a position he held for 30 years. During the New Deal Era, he worked for the Department of Agriculture. By 1952, he supported John F. Kennedy's Senate campaign. Up until his death in 1965, Jackson was still active in the Pan American Union.