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Corporate Entity


  • 1976 (Existence)

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  • Lilith (New York, N.Y.)
  • Lilith (magazine)

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  • Historical Note

    Based in New York City, Lilith is a non-profit quarterly magazine that describes itself as “independent, Jewish and frankly feminist”. The idea for the magazine was conceived in 1974 by a group of “Founding Mothers”, and they published the premier issue in Fall 1976. The magazine takes its name from the biblical figure Lilith, the first woman created before Eve, who asserted her equality with Adam and has historically been vilified as a result. Over the course of its history, Lilith has played an instrumental role in addressing Jewish and feminist topics, notably publishing stories about use of the J.A.P. slur on college campuses, sexual misconduct by rabbis, Jewish women’s philanthropy, the effect of pornography on violence against women, Jewish hair, and the creation of new feminist rituals. Above all, Lilith seeks to raise feminist consciousness in the Jewish community and “amplify Jewish women’s voices” in order to enact change and foster conversations. Outside of the editorial content of the magazine, Lilith staff have actively participated in and hosted community engagement programs. One of these programs consists of Lilith salons, in which Jewish women meet quarterly in over 90 cities to discuss a wide variety of questions and issues pertaining to their lives. Lilith interns also started A Tribe Called Jews in 1993, a program dedicated to connecting recent college graduates with a wider Jewish community. Since the mid-1970s, Lilith staff have also consistently attended conferences, conventions, and organizational meetings related to Judaism, feminism, and philanthropy. Sources: Mission. (n.d.) Retrieved from Zuckoff, Aviva Cantor. (1976.) The Lilith Question. Lilith, 1(1). Retrieved from