Frank, Leo Edit


Agent Type


  • 1884-1915 (Existence)

Name Forms

  • Frank, Leo


  • Biography/Historical Note

    Leo Frank was a Jewish factory superintendent in Atlanta, Georgia. In April 1913, 12-year-old factory employee Mary Phagan was found in the factory (National Pencil Factory) furnace room, strangled to death. A janitor, Jim Conley, a suspect in the killing, accused Leo Frank of the murder. Leo Frank was found guilty on circumstantial evidence, and the mob atmosphere surrounding the trial erupted against "the Jew." Leo Frank was sentenced to hang. The governor of Georgia, John M. Slaton, commuted the sentence to life imprisonment. This angered many people and a mob broke into prison, kidnapped Leo Frank, and lynched him, the only Jew ever lynched in America for over seventy years. Later, in 1986, the State of Georgia officially pardoned Leo Frank.